Fuel Rail and Pressure Sensor problem – Volvo V60 D4

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The customer complained that the car would not start unless they unplug the fuel rail pressure sensor.

This car had been off the road for several months, it’s been to three garages before being brought to us.

First garage couldn’t understand the fault so they bizarrely had the DPF & EGR mapped out the engine Ecu. (This is common practice by garages who don’t have a clue!)

The second garage supposedly tested the fuel system and claimed the car needed a new engine as it had low compression. (It doesn’t so they obviously didn’t test this and just assumed as they failed to understand the fault)

The third garage removed the fuel pump & injectors abs had them tested, they replaced the injectors as they failed a bench test. (This does not necessarily mean the car will fail to start)

Then the car was brought to us

As the software had had deletes applied previously the first thing we did was restore the factory software.

Once that was in place we started our diagnostic process.

Using our 8 Step process we eventually found that the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor was the cause of the issue.

A new one was sourced from Volvo (we don’t fit copy parts) and the car now starts first time every time.

If only the poor owner had consulted us first. He’s now spent more on this car than it’s current market value chasing what should have been a straightforward fault to find.

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