Warnings on the Dashboard – VW Tiguan

The customer complained that there were warnings on the dashboard, including: ABS, ESP, TPMS and EPS. In the video below watch me diagnose the real faults and fix the problem!

Fuel Rail and Pressure Sensor problem – Volvo V60 D4

The customer complained that the car would not start unless they unplug the fuel rail pressure sensor. This car had been off the road for several months, it’s been to three garages before being brought to us. First garage couldn’t understand the fault so they bizarrely had the DPF & EGR mapped out the engine […]

Car Cuts Out and Won’t Restart – Jaguar XF

A customer complained that their car would cut out and wouldn’t restart. Displaying gearbox fault on the dashboard Watch the video below to see me diagnose the real reason why this car cuts out! If your car cuts out and won’t restart, or you have any other faults or errors: Call Intelligent Auto today for […]