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Diesel Particulate Filter

Most people haven’t heard of their Diesel particulate Filter (DPF). But, it’s a component that really needs your attention. If not, you could end up facing some costly repair bills at a later date. If you have a Diesel Particulate Filter issue, then an accurate evaluation is essential to a first time, and cost-effective repair.

Diesel Particulate Filter faults are rarely a fault with the diesel particulate filter itself. Our technicians have the skill and experience to get to the root cause of your DPF problem efficiently. Saving you money. Whether you require a DPF regeneration, a clean, diagnosis, or new Diesel Particulate Filter, Intelligent Auto can help.

What is a DPF & why do they go wrong

A DPF by design continually blocks up by trapping  and storing soot particulates that are emitted from the engine via the exhaust. 

This is a self cleaning system and when the soot level reaches a pre determined level the engine ECU puts the DPF into a regeneration phase, this phase cleans the trapped soot by increasing temperatures within the exhaust system to burn off the trapped soot in the DPF.

If your DPF is showing signs of being blocked then something’s gone wrong.

Either there’s actually an issue with the engine and it’s emitting excessive levels of soot which are blocking the DPF prematurely or the cleaning cycle known as regeneration has not occurred because of an underlying issue inhibiting it. 

There could be a third reason too, as the DPF is part of  a complexed system and one or more of the various sensors that monitor the DPF and associated components and systems may have  an issue, this then leads the engine ECU think the DPF is blocked when its actually still clear. 

If you’re experiencing DPF issues there will be an underlying issue, for this reason we will always perform an assessment, this assessment will lead us to the real cause of your DPF problem.

Adblue (SCR, DEF)

Since 2016 any new vehicles registered on UK roads had to conform to the stricter Euro 6 Emissions legislation.

This meant that Diesel Vehicle Oxides of Nitrogen ( NOx ) emissions had to be reduced to levels that could not be attained by the engine and its emissions control systems.

An Exhaust After treatment System needed to be used called Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR).

This system employs an additive called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or goes by the brand name Adblue.

It works by injecting a synthetic urea solution into the exhaust of your vehicle which with help of a SCR Catalytic Converter transforms poisonous NOx emissions into Nitrogen & Oxygen.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Adblue, SCR, DEF or Urea system don’t worry, we are proficient at accurately diagnosing & rectifying faults with this system. 

Yes we can clean DPF’s and here are the options. DPF Cleaning can be broken down into two categories.

  1. On vehicle DPF Cleaning, this can only remove Soot Deposits from the DPF and is used if the vehicle has been used for a prolonged length of time with a DPF related issue.
  2. Off Vehicle DPF Cleaning, a DPF has a lifespan, this varies vehicle to vehicle and is dependent on how the vehicle has been driven throughout its life. When the DPF regenerates (it’s inbuilt self cleaning process) the result of this is a small quantity of Ash is left in the DPF, after time and numerous regenerations the build up of ash in the DPF reduces the filters capacity. At this point the DPF is deemed to be at the end of its useful life. The options you have is to have the DPF replaced which can be costly, or we can remove the ash to restore the DPF’s capacity so it  once again can trap and store soot until regeneration occurs.

We have never performed a DPF Delete or DPF Removal or Adblue delete as it’s not only illegal but also immoral.

Some facts about DPF Deletion and Adblue delete that companies that offer this service won’t tell you.

If your DPF is blocked then there will always be an underlying cause, DPF removal will not rectify that underlying issue.

At time of writing it’s not illegal for a garage to delete a DPF or Adblue system but it is illegal fir you the owner to knowingly use that vehicle on the public roads and can attract a fine of up to £1600 for a car and £2000 for a commercial vehicle.

A vehicle that has the DPF removed or Adblue deleted  no longer complies with its original emissions type approval and because of this as part of an annual MOT a test is performed to measure its performance, presence and functionality.

Removal of a DPF or Adblue  can cost just a few hundred pounds, replacing a deleted DPF or Adblue system can cost thousands of pounds.

All DPF equipped vehicles are also turbocharged, by removing a DPF from the exhaust system can lead to premature turbo failure.

Whenever a system is deleted there are always knock on issues to this with other parts of the vehicles emissions control systems.

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