Air Conditioning


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Air conditioning not only keeps you fresh in the summer but also plays an essential part in your vehicle in the winter.

In winter your car air conditioning system acts as a dehumidifier, this means that your windscreen will de-mist faster where your air conditioning system is operating correctly.

Servicing your air conditioning regularly not only keeps your screen clear, but regular maintenance could save you £100’s in costly repairs at a later date.

Some facts about Air Conditioning

  • Your screen will de-mist quicker in the winter if used in conjunction with your air conditioning.
  • Your air conditioning system should be checked every 12 months and serviced every 24 months.
  • Regular maintenance is required as your system will naturally lose refrigerant (“gas”) each year.
  • Intelligent AUTO offer a FREE heating, ventilation and air conditioning check.

Air Conditioning Faults

If your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working then it will leave you hot under the collar and feeling stressed. Intelligent Auto technicians are experienced in finding your car air conditioning faults the first time. Book in today and let us put a smile back on your face.

Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioning system has service items such as pollen and refrigerant filters to protect your system. These deteriorate over time and require replacing. Book in for your air conditioning service to keep your system running and to avoid costly repairs.

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